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Contract writing made simple. If you don't like any of the exclusions on our agreements feel free at the time of service to simply cross them out. We don't have all those exclusions that other companies have on their agreements.

This means that you are getting a real guarantee. Not the type of tailgate warranty that most plumbing compnaies give you. Once they close their tailgate, your warranty is over. Read some of the fine print on those so called contracts. They exclude just about everything and you have no recourse.

The devil is in those details and I think that many of companies are using him as their counsel.

You will get an honest qualified plumber to help you out. I don't believe in pulling the wool over your eyes. That is one of the reasons why we have been letting our clients invest with us with up front pricing since 1992. Everything is in writing and it is to your advantage. Everything is layed out before you before you need to make a decision. This way you can make an intelligent informed decision. Give us a call at 1-877-247-6426 and find out why we were named National Contractor of the Year.


• Tank Type Water Heater • Drain Cleaning - Rooter • Trenchless Sewer Replacement
•Tankless Waterheater • Garbage Disposer • Slab Leak - Leak Under Concrete
• Copper Repiping • Shower Valve Replacement • Sink Replacement



These water heaters utilize a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented with capacities ranging from 29 to 60 gallons and inputs ranging from 30,000-50,000 BTU's. These models are perfect for many standard water heating applications.

      • 10 Models (29-60 gallon capacities)
      • 30,000-50,000 BTU/Hr.
      • FVIR Defender Safety System®

(Sample model numbers include: M-I-303T6FBN, M-I-40T6FBN, M-I-5036FBN)
Standard Energy Saver features

      • Advanced ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor design
      • Resettable thermal switch
      • Piezo igniter
      • Maintenance free
      • Pedestal base
      • Sight window
      • Fully automatic controls
      • Factory installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
      • Vitraglas® lining
      • ¾" NPT factory installed dielectric waterway fittings
      • Protective magnesium anode rod
      • "3" x "4" Snap-Lock draft diverter on 40,000 BTU/Hr. or less models
      • T&P relief valve included
      • Brass drain valve
      • 1" Non-CFC foam insulation
      • Your guarantee from Empire - 10 Years Parts and Labor*
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0751 Series Residential Tankless Water Heater
EnergyStar Rated

You will be satisfied, I guarantee it.


Member of the Better Buisness Bureau


Approved by the California League of Homeowners

Noritz --- Tank-Free

0751 Series Residential Tankless Water Heater


With more power than any tankless water heater in its class, the 751 series is ideal for mid-size homes with up to 4 showers.  Built-in features include safety lock-out, freeze protection, and high elevation adjustment. 

These units offer several innovations:

Safety lock out - Default max. 120 degrees (refer to owner's manual for higher temp)

Dual flame burner - Noritz exclusive!  Minimizes temperature fluctuations.

Fully modulating - Automatically adjusts burner level accordingly.

Turbo Flow - Up to 9.8 GPM @ 35 degree temperature rise (7.5 GPM @ 45 degree rise).

Quick Connect - Doubles the output by connecting two identical heaters.

Direct ignition - No standby pilot light.

Thermal fuse - Automatic overheat protection system.

Resin coated PC board - Increases durability and protection from elements.

Automatic air regulator - Monitors internal temperature/maximizes burner efficiency.

Commercial grade heat exchanger - 25% thicker piping than our competition.

Natural Gas (NG) Propane (LP)
N-0751M Indoor/Outdoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor 0.83 0.83
N-0751M-OD Outdoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor 0.82 0.86
N-0751M-DV Indoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor 0.83 0.82
N-0751M-DVC Indoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor
0.82 0.84

*Energy Factor (EF) is a measurement of relative energy efficiency for a water heater; the higher the EF, the more energy efficient the water heater.

>> Available in Natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LP) modSave money having us perform your repairs todayels only.

>> Temperature Settings: 100-180 degrees

>> Thermal efficiency for all models: 84%

>> Self-diagnostic onboard computer system

>> Back-up battery compatible

>> Recirculation compatible

>> Digital remote included

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Copper Pipe - Repiping - New Copper

Copper piping has been used for drinking water supply for many decades. Since the early 1960's 6 million miles of copper plumbing tube has been installed in about 80 percent of all U.S. buildings. Nearly 100% of California buildings-residential and commercial. Copper is by far the most widely used material for plumbing systems because of its ease of use, resistance to corrosion, and resistance to permeation by liquids and gases, which may be sources of corrosion and contamination.
Copper tubing is the choice for a professional long lasting installation
Types of copper piping:

Soft copper - Soft or flexible copper pipe is good for repair work since it can bend around obstacles without multiple cuts and joints. This is the primarly style of copper tubing installed in track homes under the concrete.

Type K copper is heaviest, used in municipal, commercial, residential and underground installation. Whenever we tap into the city mains we are required to run Type K to the water meter.

Type L copper is medium weight. This is the preferrable type to use in reapir and remodel work and is the minimum thickness required for hot water circulating systems. It's thickness lends itself to longevity and it is less likely to suffer a failure than "M".

Type M copper is hard and thin. This is for cheaper installations where the cost of the materials is really going to make a difference. If you plumber did not specify a grade of copper for your re-pipe, you most likley received this low end grade. Type "M" copper is not allowed to be used underground.pinhole leak in copper that was under concrete

Pipe relining with a teflon inner paint is really not a repair. Here is a defective job.

What Causes Pinholes?

Studies and research has been conducted, much under the trheat of litigation, to determine the causes of pinhole leaks in copper pipes, but no one size fits all solution has been found. Some studies seem to prove a chemical imbalance, while others seem to point fingers on the standrad of installation and defective craftsmanship. I really think the reason is whatever the so called "expert", who is for hire from the attorneys, thinks it should be. The reasons for any single pinhole or set of pinholes is most likely more in league with the opinions of the attorney overseeing over the case. The experts for hire that I have seen in the past tend to be little more than wanna hacks that the attorneys use and abuse as they see fit. Opinions that match for hire. That's you, Bill, expert extraordinaire.

How do you feel about these so called experts for hire? Let me know. I am thinking of starting a website that exposes these incompetent boobs. I may end having having to foot the bill for some attorneys, but with the website dedicated and written properly I think California's ANTI-SLAPP laws should protect. Before I do this I will need some support. Email me and let me know. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

  • Combination of high pH, low organic matter, aluminum solids, and free chlorine. Chorline in pool system will eat holes in newly installed copper tubing if the water inlet is the pont of chorination.
  • Aggressive water. Well water in the counties. Metropolitan water district imports are not aggressive.
  • Water velocity in undersized copper tubes. Maximum velocity of the water is 7 feet a second. After this the water takes the copper with it. We see this in under sized installation and circulation systems.
  • Improper installation. Dents from rocks, the plumber rolls out the copper tubing and steps on it and they unwind it creating dents, cause turbulence over the years resulting in pinhole leaks.PDf of manufactuer warranty for copper piping

Copper (Pitting) Corrosion

There are many forms of corrosion, but pitting corrosion is most likely to culminate in pinhole leaks in copper tubing. Pitting corrosion comes from a variety of sources including:Touted as a fix all for re-piping the inner coating of tubing with telflon leaves alot to be desired

1. Hard water pitting. Normally on the cold side with a ph between 7 and 7.8.

2. Soft water pitting. Normally on the cold side with a water having a ph above 8.0.

3. A more rare, but equalling devasting pitting is in soft cold water with a ph below 7.2.

4. Electrical pitting. this results when fixtures are grounded to the copper piping in home and the fixture is delivering voltage to ground. Flourescent lighting is most common.

The copper piping coated to right was from a $17,000 pipe relining of a single family home in Orange County. The job had to be completely repiped afterward as fixtures suffered greatly from a lack of water supply. There is no way to know if the work was performed properly when it is relined, excepting for cutting it out and viewing it.
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Drain Cleaning and rooter services.Roots can stop up any pipe
Clogged drains. Many of these service calls can be avoided by taking some care in what you put down drains - especially the kitchen sink drain, the most used and most clogged sewer drain in the home. Modern garbage disposals can handle nearly everything that you put down them, put you old drains cannot. As a rule of thumb, if you can scrape it off the dish, scrape it into your garbage can. Use cold water when operating your disposal

Roots are another matter altogether. Once roots get into a underground sewer about the only thing that you can do is keep them maintained by cabling and hydro-jetting them until the time comes to dig up the pipe and fix the breakage.
I am not a fan of the chemicals on the market that claim to kill roots in the sewer line. If those chemicals are so strong that that kill tree roots, what are they doing to you when you are using them and what are they doing to your pipes.

Area drains are a constant source of problems with root intrustion. Most area drains are not even glued together The landscaper simply pushed the pipe together and threw some dirt over the top. The most effective way that I have seen to retard the growth of roots in these lines is to add some rock salt at each entry point about once a month. Don’t wash it down, just let naturally dissolve and coat the pipe with a layer of salt. Salt kills roots and this will keep the live roots alive Sewer video camera. See for yourself the solution for free.outside the pipe and not poison everything and everyone around.Main line sewage cleaning machine by Ridgid

When you have your drains, by us or anyone else, make sure to have the line video inspected to ensure that a good job was performed. This video sewer inspection will let you know if the problem was a large one that will return and needs to be repaired now, or a small one that doesn’t need any more special attention. Cabling or hydro-jetting a sewer line is a maintenance act. It is not a repair and many companies simply poke a hole in the stoppage so that they can come back and charge you again in a few months. Ideally, drains and sewers should never stop up. They are designed to be self-cleaning. If you are having regular or reoccurring stoppages then it is time to find out why. When we perform any drain cleaning for simply ask for a video inspection of the sewer with one of our cameras. It’s on me, you don’t need to spend a single penny. Free. Tell them “Jim” said to.
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Garbage Disposal - Replacement and Maintenance
Disposal Will Not Turn On (no noise)

If the disposal will not turn on and it is NOT making a humming sound, then there is an electrical problem.

  • Make sure the switch on the wall is in the off position. We don’t want it starting automatically.
  • Is it plugged in? Yes, it happens.
  • Press the reset button on the bottom of the disposer and retry the switch on the wall.
  • If it does not run or hum then the problem is most likely in the electrical circuit breaker. Try resetting the breaker in your main electrical panel.
  • If the breaker isn’t tripped then try plugging something else into the plug. Any appliance and flip the switch. If you have power the disposal probably is defective and needs to be replaced. Give us a call. If you don’t have power the switch, wires, plug or breaker is defective and you should still give us a call. We have full service electrical department and this is a job for an electrician, not a plumber.

Disposal will not turn on and it is making a humming noise.

  • Turn the wall switch off and unplug the disposal.
  • Something is jamming the blades. Use the wrench that cam with the disposal or use an allen wrench and insert it into the 6 sided slot on the bottom of the disposal. This is a manual rotating access point. Turn the disposal back and forth a couple of times until it frees up.
  • With the disposal still unplugged shine a flashlight into the center of the disposal. IS something in there that shouldn’t be. A fork, knife or penny? Remove it.
  • Plug the disposal back in and test. It should be fine.

Disposal Maintenance:
Disposers are maintenance free for the most part, but if you are getting a smell from the disposal or the disposal shakes your sink when you turn it you may just need to clean it. The smell is coming from bacteria and rotting debris. Don’t use bleach just yet. Bleach kills bacteria and helps to cause drain stoppages. If you can get rid of the problem without the use of nasty chemicals, more power to you. The shaking of the sink is usually from one of the blades becoming rusted and sticking. Don’t stick a broom into your sink…that’s a comedy shtick from the 60’s and it doesn’t end well. Use ice.

  • Fill up the disposer with ice and let turn it on. It will make a terrible noise, but it won’t damage anything. The grinding action of the ice will scour clean the inside of the disposal.
  • Add some lemon and grind some more ice. This should resolve the smell and should break free the blades. If this doesn’t work to resolve these problems you should give us a call. The smell is most certainly coming not from the disposal, but from the hose from the airgap to the disposal and when the disposal is operating, the smell is being blown back at you. We can help you with this.

Back to the Top ..... Call for Low Low rates 1-877-247-6426Moen control valve for a shower.

Shower Valve.
Contrary to many references, the valve in your shower is not a faucet. It is a valve. It is permanent fixture. We are experts at repalcing them, many times with no damge whatsoever to the tile, marble or drywall concealing them. We can provide the valve and install it for you, or you can provide the valve and help by making sure that everything is leak free and installed properly.
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Trenchless sewer repalcement is affordable.Trenchless Sewer Repair and Trenchless Water Line Replacement
Known in the industry as trenchless lateral bursting the process that we employ is state of the art. We can replace that sewer line without ripping up all the concrete or hardscape on your property. A small entry pit is dug and a small exit pit is dug. We then pull a new pipe through the middle of the old pipe while that pipe is bursting outward. Fast, efficient and affordable. We are here to help you.
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Incompentent work by another plumbing contractor

Slab Leaks and Leaks Underground
Leak detection and damage avoidance is a specialty that can only be learned after many years of practice. Here at the Empire Family of Services we employ veteran plumbers that have decades of experience and we provide them with the latest and greatest leak detection and rerouting tools to ensure that when we come to your home or office, we can do the job and we can do the job correctly.

We can find leaks underground in cold water lines, hot water lines and radiant heat lines. Quite often, we can make the appropriate repairs without even hammering your floors. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

We have sonar gear(acoustical sensing equipment), radio sensors for tracking pipe and thermal imaging video to trace the smallest leaks to their sources. In the event that we do locate the leak under the concrete floor in your home, be assured that the plumber making the repair will make the correct repair and the line will be silver brazed per code to make sure that it doesn’t leak again, ever. The picture shown is a brass G-coupling that uses rubber inserts to stop a leak. It is not an approved repair and will leak again, 100% guaranteed. This photo was taken off an internet website from a  company, a well known re-piping company, that apparently thought it was a bragging point. It is incompetent work and will cause damage to the building at some time in the future.

Have a professional plumber find and fix your leak. Give us a call. We can do it and we are here to help.
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Everything including the Kitchen Sink.We install everything plumbing

We replace all types of sinks, cast iron, stainless steel, rock, granite, farm sinke, lavatory sinks, barbeque sinks and more. We can provide the sink and all the trimmings or you can.
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There are many plumbers that you can call. As a former President of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association I know that there are about 3,000 plumbers within about 30 miles of your home or buisness. It is a dog eat dog world out there and you are in charge. That is why we are spending every ounce of our energy to ensure that any work that we perform for you is so good, so valuable and that you will be so pleased that you will use us for life. If anything having to do with your experience with the Empire Family of Services is anything short of spectacular, let me know. My job is to take care of you and my career is to provide service so good that you never even think of going somewhere else. I want to you to put me on your speed dial, plumbing, drain cleaning, heating, air conditioning, duct cleaning, indoor air quality, lighting and electrical. We deliver, and yes, we can do that, we can take of you, it's what we do.

We'll Take Care of You


The sooner that you give us a call, sooner that you can say goodbye to your plumbing problems.

No Frustration Guarantee

If something that we performed doesn't work up to the specifications that we said it should, and we are unable to get it working within 24 hours we will pay you $250.00 for your troubles.* With a guarantee like that do think that we will do a worse job or a better job than a comapny that fails to give you this kind of guarantee?

$77 Full home inspection

We will crawl through your attic checking the plumbing, crawl under your home (raised foundation) and let you know if you need maintenance. The valves and safety shut offs in your home will be checked to ensure they work and we will give a you a professional write up and exactly what shoul dbe done in your home, or give you a clean bill of health. All this for only $77. One more way that we are taking care of you. Give us a call and find out why we are the right company for you.

Comfort Certified


With comfort Certified plumbers you can be reassued that you are only going to receive the highest quality materials, the highest quality labor and that you will recieve this at the lowest possible cost.

You won't ever get a lemon from us at The Empire Family of Services


If anything isn't perfectly suited for the application, if anything isn't exactly what we say it is, if anything isn't performing in the manner that we say it should, give us a call. We will either fix it, replace it or give you back all of your investment. If you aren't satisified and telling your friends, family and neighbors how great we are, then we haven't done our job and I want to know about it. Give us a call. You won't be disappointed.*

Free Sewer Video

Tired of having to "take someone's word for it." I know I am and that is why I have provided every single one of my journeyman plumbers a full set of diagnositic tools including a state of the art sewer camera. Seeing is believing, and just for the asking, we will camera your sewer at no charge to let you know that we really did do a good job cleaning it out. Tell them "Jim said so."

Free second opinion

Have you ever been lied to? I have and that is why I decided many years ago to offer free second opinions. Over the last couple of decades I have discovered some plumbers lie, but by far it is the impressions they leave that anti up the most problems. Many are percieved as not trustworthy because they are unable to fully communicate the problems and the solutions that the homeowner or buisness owner is expierencing. They fail to offer choices when choices exist and this traps the building owner. Give us a call and find out why we are better.

Toilet augering

Most of the time the solution to the problem is very simple and straight forward. Most repairs that we make in people's homes and buisnesses are billed out at about $100. Just because it looks like a big problem doesn't mean that it is.

Home Comfort Guarantee

What is a home comfort guarantee in plumbing? It means that when we install your water heater and we tell you that it is the right size for your home, we mean it. If that water heater fails to do exactly what we said it would, provide comfortable and warm water in the quantites that you and your family need, that we will fix it, or remove it and instal la new larger unit, or refund your money, all of your money and all of this at no cost to you. We are the only company in Southern California that offers this outstanding guarantee and we live by it. You will be comfortable or we will pay for the problem, not you, guaranteed.

Your home will be left as clean or cleaner when we leave as when we arived

Cleanliness is a big issue when you are dealing with old dirty plumbing. We stock more than enough drop cloths, stair protectors and vacuums to make sure that we keep you home clean. your home will be left as clean or cleaner when we leave as when we arrived. that is guaranteed.

A well maintained plumbing system is not only troublefree, but is highly efficient.

Maintaining your plumbing system at least once year enables your plumbing to become trouble free and effiecent. When everything works the way it is suppose to, you and your family can enjoy your home more readily.

Maintaining your plumbing to cruical to proper health

Mold and mildew are common products of poorely maintained plumbing systems. Your health can be negatively affected by an improperly installed, defective or poorly maintained plumbing system.


We have all the proper equipment to speed along your home repair and save you money. Give us a call and find out for yourself why we were named National Contractor of the Year.

Service in minutes

The only keeping you from saying goodbye to all your plumbing problems is your phone. Give us a call and find for yourself the kind of piece of mind you can have when you say goodbye to all your plumbing issues.

Is your plumber only playing at being professional

Being employed at a rooter company and pulling-resetting toilets-replacing angle stops and supply lines is not being a plumber. Too many companies specialize their so called plumbers into one small category. This breeds incompentence and pretend plumbers. Give us a call and find out what real plumbers are. You won't be disappointed.

Isn't it about time a company like Empire came around?

Are you tired of dealing with second rate companies performing second rate work?
Then give us a call and find out exactly what it is that you have been missing.
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