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You Should Know This Before Calling An Electrician

Over the years we have developed an extensive database of the problems that homeowners and business owners have with their service people. We have resolved these problems that drive you crazy. Here they are: The Empire Famil of Services

  1. Answering Machines, Voice Mail and Automated Menu Options. Has there been one time in your entire life where you thought an automated service, voice mail or an answering machine was convenient for you? I didn’t think so. This are put into place by companies that are either incompetent, don’t listen to their clients or don’t want to listen to their clients. The phones here at the Empire Family of the Services, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical are answered during all business hours by real live people, not some prerecorded monologue that forces you to push button after button after button and not by some answering machine leaving you with the feeling that you hope a return call is forthcoming.
  1. No "Locked  In" Appointments. Most electricians will tell you there they’ll be there in the morning or the afternoon and, if they make it, they can probably handle the problem. Not the case here at Empire. We will give you an appointment window. That window will be two hours longs. If we are so much as one minute late for that appointment, the service fee is Free. That’s right. We feel that your time is valuable and because of that, we are willing to put our time on the line rather than wasting yours. Isn’t that the kind of service that you deserve?

  2. Don’t Have the Parts, Tools or Expertise to do the job. Most electricians are hourly, or rather, hourly plus materials. Most of the time these hourly electricians will take their sweet time performing the work and will normally have to leave the job several times to get materials at the electrical wholesale house (wholesale to them-not you). These trips to the supply house eat up time and , of course, you get the honor of paying for the time. All the while, the hourly electrician is racking up a bill and laughing all the way to the bank. Our goal is to have all the parts on the truck to perform the repairs the first time, every time. That is why we drive larger trucks that are fully stocked. They are truly warehouses on wheels. You do not have to pay for multiple trips to the supply house. We save you money.
    We will save you money
  3. Sticker Shock. Time and material contracts are sticker shock heaven. When the electrician tells you he doesn’t know how much time the job will take, do you take him at his word? Has he performed this work many time in the past? If he hasn’t, is he experimenting on your dime and your home or business? An hourly contract that starts off at a fixed low hourly rate balloons with material charges that are astronomical, equipment charges that you were never informed about and lengthy time away from the job when your electrician goes to the supply house and the eatery on you. Time and materials contracts are contracts where the longer the electrician takes to perform the work, the more they are paid.  That is not the case here at Empire. We will give you an upfront honest price so that you can decide if you want the work performed. No sticker shock will occur after the job is performed. We won’t leave you obligated to pay for some blown out of portion contract because the work has already been performed.

  4. Rock Solid Guarantees. Ask your current electricians if they guarantee their work. Virtually everyone of them will say they do. Now ask them to show you that guarantee on their contract. Their mouths will drop as they search for what their guarantees actually say. In a nutshell, most guarantees are worth little more than the paper that they are written on. Most electricians give you a concrete guarantee all right, the moment that their tires leave your concrete driveway the guarantee is over. Try reading all that fine print. It means that the guarantees they are giving are worthless. A whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo designed to confuse in print so small that it takes a magnifying glass to read it. Here at The Empire family of Services there is no fine print. The agreements are upfront honest and the guarantees are rock solid.
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    100% Satisfaction is guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

What our 100% satisfaction guarantee says is that if you are not 100% satisfied with what we’ve performed, then we’ll make any modification necessary, any modification required, to gain your 100% satisfaction, up to and including replacing the equipment or repair or refunding your money, all of your money. It’s not just our goal, 100% Satisfaction; it’s your right as a consumer. If you’re not satisfied, were not satisfied.

Everything will work the way it is suppose toHome Electrical Guarantee*

What our guarantee says is that once we make a repair, it is repaired for life. That's Total Comfort isn't it. If any repair that we have made fails to perform the way it should, we'll come out and redo the repair for free, parts and labor or we'll give you back all your money. You're in charge of the repair in your home. If you're not satisfied then we haven't done our job properly and you shouldn't have to pay a single penny for it. We are the only electricians in town that guarantees that our electrcial systems will do exactly what we say they'll do.No way for you to get a lemon from Empire

No Lemon Lighting Guarantee*

If any fixture that we provide fails to perform in the manner that the manufacturer states it will, we will, at no expense to you, change out that fixture to a new one for the first ten years of ownership. That's free parts and labor for a Full 10 Years when we provide the yearly maintenance on your electrical system. No one deserves a lemon. No deserves a warranty that doesn't cover everything.

We work on all types of wiringNo Lemon Re-Wire Guarantee*

If any portion of the copper wiring that we provide and install fails in the first 10 years we will fix or replace that wiring for free. This includes outlets, disconnects, junction boxes and fixture mounts. No one should have to pay for a home re-wire twice. You only pay once for the repair. This is just one more reason why the Empire Family of Services is the preferred Service company for about 12,000 households each year in Southern California. No charge means absolutely no charge. No other company offers this rock solid guarantee.

Property Protection Guarantee*We will respect your property

If anything is accidentally damaged, a professional will repair it. We’re not going to be driving down to the Home Center parking lot and pick up someone to bring to your home. You will have a properly licensed, a properly insured and properly bonded professional perform the repair. Once the repair is done to your satisfaction, then and only then do you have to make your investment in your new electrical system. With a guarantee like this, do you think that we will be sloppy or do you think that we’ll Treat your Property Carefully? We're the only ones making this kind of guarantee.

365 Day Test Drive*

You do not have to make a committment for a full yearWe want you to test drive your New Electrical Panel and Rewire through all four seasons to make sure that it meets and exceeds all of your expectations. You’ll be using your new Home Electrical System through the cold and clammy winter season, you’ll get to drive through the sneezing, sniffling asthma season, spring, you’ll get to cruise through the hot and muggy "I can’t sleep at night" summer season and finally your going to be able to triumph through the cold and flue season, fall. After you’ve passed through all of these seasons only then do have to make a decision. If you're not satisfied with the performance of the work, if for any reason or if for no reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with this system, give us call and we will refund 100% of your investment and we’ll give you interest. Why do you think no other company will give you this type of guarantee?

10-10-10 Guarantee*10 years on parts and 10 years on labor

If we perform the maintenance on your Electrical System rewire or panel changeout for the first 10 years then you will have no out pocket repairs costs whatsoever. If anything breaks or malfunctions, we'll fix it or replace totally at our expense. You may never pay for a repair again. Isn't that peace of mind.

Electrical repair, wire replacement, all panel products and fixture bodies are warranted for 10 years as long as you are a maintenance agreement member. This does exclude useable parts such as light bulbs, fuses, photo sensors, We won't even be a single minute lateetc. You may never pay for another repair again.

On Time Guarantee*

Calling The Empire Family of Services, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, is easy and On Time. If we don't make our appointment time because of us, your minimum service fee is waived. The minimum service call is free. You shouldn't have to be left out in the cold or the searing heat because of your Home Comfort Company. We're Always On TIme, Guaranteed.
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Accent lighting under the cabinets is a favorite

Accent Lighting
Under the cabinet lighting is now commonplace in new home construction. Under cabinet lighting is a super way to illuminate kitchen countertops and bar sink countertops with light. Under cabinet lighting comes in high and low voltage applications and once we are at your home we can give you a free estimate to install the setup that would most beneficial to your situation. Undercabinet lighting can dramatically change the look of your kitchen.

Lighting can change the interior look of your homeIf you have natural stone countertops, light colored, medium colored or black, under cabinet lighting is a must have. Granite and other stone products, as well as copycat composite stone materials such as concrete tend to look far better when they are washed with accent lighting. The mineral crystals, the little flecks of silver and copper, within the granite sparkle brilliantly under the intense lighting.

With the proper lighting, you can set a mood and you can direct the onlookers eyes to the location that you want them to focus on. Pick an area far away from the entrance to the room so that the size of room appears larger than it is.
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Outdoor lighting is not new. It seems that way because we see so much of it now, but it dates back to before electricity when gas lamps were utilized. We now have available from the lighting industry a vast array of products that use low and high voltage to light pathways, light driveways, wash walls with light and illuminate landscape.

Landscape lighting is really security lighting. Sure, it beautifies the home and business, but it also provides safety from trips and falls. You can see the obstacles in the way, and it helps to eliminate those hiding spots that burglars and mischief makers like to mask themselves in. Outdoor lighting has been steadily increasing in popularity for years.
Most applications are low voltage in nature. This can allow to mask these bulbs within the vegitation as the bulbs and the housing have been dramtically downsized. Many times you will even know that a house can put on a twight show until the lights turn on.

exterior lampsInstallation costs are typically less with low voltage lighting than the more traditional high voltage fixtures. Whatever form of lighting is best for your application is what we will provide and install for you. All installations without regard to the voltage required to operate them are required to meet the National Electrical Code. Garden pathway lighting during the day

Outdoor lights, bulbs and fixtures are used as tools to accomplish a purpose. You can wash an entire wall or focus the beam on a single plant or tree. You can create soft washed pathways, soft puddles of lighting and you can gently illuminate a decorative garden area. If you have waterscapes the lighting can beam into the pond or water fall or be directed from in the water outward giving a moving lightshow on the plant life or surrounding buildings. The options are vast and our skilled electricians can help you with the choices that impress you and your neighbors.
Lights and lamps can be turned on and off automatically, by timers. They can be set on motion sensors or photo sensors to turn on at twilight. They can, of course, also be set to manual switches so that you can have the ultimate in control over your landscape design.
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Proper lighting in the bathroom is essential to maximizing your bathroom's effectivnssBathroom Lighting:
When considering lighting in the bathroom environment you should first look to natural lighting. Natural lighting is free and be bathed in natural light is such a wonderful way to start the day off. High windows in the walls and skylights are the most often used forms of natural lighting. Indirect lighting using the sun can be accomplished through open pathways above doors to other parts of the home.

There is another type of light that can be used. This is an indirect light. Although this type of lighting, mirrored from the roof line, does provide free lighting, it does not provide the warmth and glow of direct sunlight.

Different bulbs and different fixtures provide different effects in the room. Many incandescent bulbs, soon to be thing of the past, provide an orange glow that can affect makeup. Appling makeup under a colored or not a natural colored light could lead to unwanted affects.more beautiful bathroom lighting

Perhaps the single biggest mistake made in bathroom lighting is the failure to actually have enough lighting to remove shadows and dark spaces. Many bathroom simply have a dungeon feel to them. Using a combination of lights, different styles and types, that are switched separately can handle both the accent lighting in the bathroom and the need for daylight conditions for the application of makeup and other beauty affects.

Can lights or recessed fixtures are most often used in addition to bright lamps on the sides and overhead of the mirror and makeup station. Indirect lighting in and around cabinetry is a designer touch that adds accent touches rather than useable lighting. The trick is to bounce the light off a wall surface. This works well with lighter colored walls and should be switched separately from the main bathroom lighting circuit.
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Bedroom lighting
Bedroom Lighting and Lamps
Lighting the bedroom environment can be a challenging task. There are, in any one day, so many atmospheres, so many ambiances, in that single room. The trick here is to make sure that each of those wanted accents are available at the flick of a switch or the touch of a dimmer. Proper illumination is necessary. We understand that your bedroom décor is going to vary upon your taste, not ours. We will not be overpowering and you will be in control. We are here to give you a helping hand and add suggestions along the way. Ultimately the choice is up to you and it is our job to make sure that the choice you make is an informed one.

Mixing lighting styles is most often the most appropriate and cost effective way to produce the atmosphere of choice in the bedroom. Overhead can lighting, indirect ceiling lighting and table lamps can balance out a bedroom that acts as an office, a dressing room, a reading room, a television entertainment room and a romantic room all in a moments notice.
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Living Room and Great Room Lighting
The planning stage of your project is the best point to start when beginning a light project. Many of us simply do not have that luxury and if this is a small remodeling task most likely, the ceiling and the walls are already finished. This makes the project more difficult, but do not worry. That is what we aare here for, to give you that helping hand. We do not perform tract work or new customer homes. We only work for people like you doing your own projects. It is only very rare that we accept work from a general contractor. We are experts in minimized the damages to your existing home when it comes to lamping, light placements and switch access.

Many times the great room or living room opens up from the entryway of the home. A large space is opened up  and is the first thing a guest sees when they arrive. That is why is important to light the pathway the eyes see upon entry to the home. Placing lighting and washing walls or shining on precious family portraits can add a sense of magnificence to your home. You never will get a second chance at making a first impression and that first impression is the most important and longest lasting.

Whether you want a rustic look and earthy design or a modern look we can help you. It is what we do.
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You can have everything you need, everything you want and only pay pennies a day.Monthly Investments take the sting out of home improvements
Affording your projects can be an interesting challenge if you haven’t thought it through in advance. Those projects that seem to pop up out of nowhere can have a serious impact on a monthly budget when they are viewed as a single lump sum. That is why we work with a large number of firms that offer home improvement investing over a length of time. Many times that length of time is given with no interest and no payments.

We are not the financing company, but we do go to bat for you. Most people are approved within 10 minutes right over of the phone. You can afford that project. You can meet your and your family’s needs and do so right now. Give us a call; we are here to lend you a help hand.

We can help you turn the unexpected expenditure. That lump sum, into comfortable EZ monthly investments. The improvements will last a great many years and long after the investment amount you make you will be enjoying the rewards of that home improvement.

When it comes to finances, many of our clients are trying to live within a budget and this can make things difficult, but when you have the option of financing home investments for only pennies a day I am sure that you will find that those improvements are often made very affordable.
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Permits and You
Getting the proper permits and passing inspections will help promote safe construction. The proper permits make it easier to sell your home. When you or any homeowner sells a home in California they are required to disclose to the buyer whether any improvements have been made without necessary permits. The law even goes further in stating that if the real-estate agent knows about the illegal construction, non-permitted construction, they can be held liable as well. If the proper permits have been followed, then no negative disclosure about permits will need to be made. These negative disclosures have been having a negative effect on the sale of homes. I have been involved with a few of them and the homes can drop out of escrow.

What happens if a permit is not obtained? Sometimes nothing, other times disaster. I have seen entire room additions tore down because they were not inspected. We have had to open up walls and floors that are finished so that the inspector can see the quality of the work. We have to change out electrical panels that are as little as two years old because the inspector was seemingly making an example out of the project. These are projects that the homeowner paid in full, only to have to pay again because they did not follow the inspection process.
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* For complete details of the guarantees and warranties please see your agreement. All guarantees and warranties are in writing.

Why We're Better

Electrical contacts not properly maintained can be a problem  

We are full service experts available to help you out at a discount.

Member in good standing.

Approved by the League of California Homeowners

Better Buisness Bureau, California League of Homeowners, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), Quality Service Contractors (QSC), Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), California Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Better Buisness Bureau

Awards. 2008 National Contractor of the Year (PHCC), 2003 Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Contractor of the Year (PHCC), Past President of the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association, Top Ten National HVAC-Electric Dealers 10 years in a row (American Standard).

National Contractor of the Year


Member of the National Fire Protection Association

Why we are the company of choice.

1: We’ve Been in Business for decades. We know the codes, the construction in this area, the way it should be done. We know what works and what doesn’t work. “You won’t be a Guinea Pig”. You’re not going to be our training ground. You’re not going to our testing lab. We’ll do it right for you the first time because we know what we are doing and that has got to save you money.

2: We have done thousands of installations. We have done thousands of repairs. This means that we will get the job done right. Our experience will save you time and money.

3: We specialize in this type of repair and installation. We have done this before and are better than other companies. This expertise allows us to lower the cost of our services as we won’t be making those mistakes common with companies that don’t specialize.

4: Were a local family owned and operated business. The owner works directly in the business. In the rare case that something does go wrong, the owner makes sure it’s corrected immediately. This lowers our overhead and saves you time and money.

5: Were a larger size service company. That means we have the manpower to take care of your needs. We don’t need to outsource the work that we perform and that saves you money by cutting out other contractors high profit margins and saves you time from the delays caused by to many contractors.

6: We have an in house training program that runs year round. By regularly improving our technical expertise we are able to do our jobs quicker, better and faster. We are able to do them right the first time. This enables us to reduce, if not eliminate call backs and warranty calls altogether, and this helps keep our overhead expenses as low as possible so that we can pass those savings on to you.

Expert help when you need it

7: We have a live skilled office staff to take your requests during all business hours. This adds convenience and speed. Having skilled office staff instead of an answering machine or answering service that doesn’t know anything or worse yet a pager number enables us to give you a quicker response time which means we answer problems faster and the added office coordination with our suppliers reduces our overhead expenses and helps to eliminate wasted time which saves you money and headaches.

8: We keep a computerized customer history. We keep the records so that you don’t half to. Warranty issues, should they occur, are easily processed and expedited saving you time and trouble.

We arrive in a marked lettered vehicle. You know whose parked out front and you know that it isn’t some subcontractor filling in for the company.

Our employees wear uniforms. You know who is knocking on your door. You know that the job wasn’t hired out to some subcontractor. You know that that person has the company training to perform the job correctly.

We drive large well maintained vehicles. This means fewer breakdowns, fewer delays due to broken down vehicles and fewer trips to the supply house to perform the work. These large vehicles are far less expensive to operate and they lower our operating costs that that allows us to keep our prices as low as possible to you.

We quote firm prices before the work starts. No hidden costs and expenses. Upfront and honest pricing.

We use a standardized pricing manual. You know that we aren’t pricing the job according to the neighborhood you live in or what kind of car you drive. You don’t have to feel that you half to haggle with me to get a good price. Everybody pays the same amount for the same excellent service and isn't that more fair?

Our add on pricing rates. The way our price book is set up the more we do for you the less you pay for each service. You benefit by having more work done on a single visit because our expense to perform those services are lower and we pass those lower savings onto you to keep our prices as low as possible.

15: We use drop cloths From the point of entry into the home to work area. We Protect your floors from damage. This reduces our liability insurance and this lowers the cost of service to you.

16: Everything that we do will meet or exceed existing code. It works better, lasts longer, costs less to operate and it’s safer.

We use only time & field tested parts and supplies. It works better, lasts longer, costs less to operate and it’s safer.

We pull permits. The work gets certified and inspected by the city and this insures that you have the best installation and that the unit is safe. It’s the law. The inspector works for you-not the contractor, and this makes sure that your unit will operate correctly for the longest period of time. The only reason to not pull permits is to skip corners and skimp on installation labor. Believe me, there is a lot areas in this work where corners can be cut-all to your disadvantage. I want your new system to operate beautifully and efficiently for it’s entire lifespan because this lowers your operating costs and minimizes the possible of any inadvertently damages.

We perform a criminal background check and a drug screening on all employees. Personal security. We won’t allow a criminal into your home.

We are properly licensed and bonded for the work that we do. We have a city license and a state license. The bond means that if for some far out reason we fail-someone, other than you, will pay for the repairs or completion of the work

We are insured. In the unlikely event a large amount of damage occurs in the home, someone will pay for the damages other than you. Our insurance and your insurance company will not deny the claim based on the negligence of hiring an unlicensed contractor. Insurance company for the last couple of years have become very adept at denying claims for reasons never before seen. Hiring competent licensed and insured contractors always lowers the cost of the work performed.

We give you our street address and you have already seen the owner and his daughter. We are upfront and honest and you have contact information. While Stephanie is still in school, her father Jim works everyday at the company. No fly by night contracting, no PO boxes. If there’s a problem we have a solution.

We clean up when were done. Your home will as clean or cleaner when we leave. The number complaint in the industry has to do with cleanliness. We strive to make sure that we never get that complaint.

We haul away all old equipment and trash and recycle all that is possible. This is just one less thing for you to worry about. And this means we won’t be adding any hidden disposal charges after the fact.

Our Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee. We Guarantee your satisfaction. You can’t waste your money.

We always give you a warranty. You only pay once for the repair.

We prioritize warranty calls. No matter how busy it is we push those new calls to service what we sell. You’ll receive service within 24 hours regardless of our schedule and usually that service will be within a few hours.

We provide a variety of payment plans. Credit Cards, Financing, Cash, Check We can help you make the right decision affordable.

Call My Daddy, He can Fix Anything

Isn't it about time you starting dealing with a company that actually cares about you and your family?
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